The warm summer weather has come with record-breaking temperatures and that’s why you need a fan that will beat the heat and help you cool off while working or chilling with your family at home. Here are four of our best cooling fan options to suit your space and your budget.

Pineware Desk Fan
Keep your cool during the long Zoom meetings this summer and make space for our Pineware desk fan. It has a quiet motor that will not interfere with your productivity, and it will provide cool air at eye level. Simply remove the base and store it away when you no longer need it.

Goldair Industrial Fan
The best thing about this standing fan is not only the affordable price but the fact that it has a 60cm circumference. A large fan like this can cool off the entire family with ease due to the ever-revolving cold breeze it provides. Adjust the height and move it around the house, from the living room to the bedroom, whenever you wish. It’s a stylish summer essential for every large family.

Elegance Evaporator Air Cooler Ice Box
If you are looking for a more cost-effective and energy-efficient cooler than an air conditioner, then an evaporative air cooler ice box is it. It uses water to create cold air by absorbing the heat, evaporating, and blowing cool air into your home. You can also add ice into the ice box to increase its cooling capacity. Unlike an air conditioner that requires an airtight space, this cooler needs a consistent stream of fresh air to work.

Pineware Mist Fan
This is another energy-saving fan option for larger outdoor or indoor spaces. A mist fan works similarly to the air cooler; however, it may take a bit longer for the mist to evaporate, so water particles may be felt. It is wise to only use your mist fan in spaces where there are no sensitive items in close proximity. Bring it outside where the kids are playing, as a mist fan can provide both cool air and hydration.