Father’s Day Ideas: How To Host A Memorable Movie Night

Coming up with a new idea for Father’s Day each year can be tough. Why not mix things up with a movie night featuring his favourite films? Whether he loves action, drama, or comedy — a memorable movie night will make him feel like a star. Here's a guide to ensure your Father’s Day movie marathon is one for the books… or should we say reels? So, roll out the red carpet and get ready to make some movie magic!

Choose the Perfect Movies
First things first: pick the right movies. Think about your dad's favourite genres or specific movies he loves. If he's into action, go for thrilling adventures like “Mission Impossible”. Sentimental dads might enjoy heartwarming dramas like “The Shack”. And if your dad loves to laugh, classic comedies like “Lethal Weapon” are a perfect choice.

Setting the Scene
Creating the right mood is just as crucial as choosing the movies. Turn your living room into a cosy theatre by dimming the lights, placing comfy pillows and blankets, and adding a heater for extra warmth. For an added touch, consider getting your dad a recliner to relax in when watching his favourite films.

Lights, Camera, Action
What is a movie night without audio and visuals? Just another night. (Sorry for the dad joke!) So, make sure your TV is properly set up, and if possible, connect to a sound system for an immersive experience. With high-quality audio-visuals, your dad will feel like he's in a real cinema, making the night even more special and memorable.

Snack Attack
A well-stocked snack bar is a must for the perfect movie marathon. Include a selection of dad's favourite treats, such as popcorn, chocolate, or biltong. If you want to go the extra mile, prepare snacks in the air fryer, like chicken strips and chips or nachos. Don’t forget to get dad his favourite drinks too!

Dress Code: Dad Casual
To add an extra layer of fun, especially if you have many siblings, introduce a “Dad Dress Code”. Get everyone to dress in their best “dad” outfit: think cargo pants, golf shirts, or even those iconic dad takkies. This will not only add laughs throughout the night, but also make for memorable photos.

Make Dad Feel Extra Special
If you haven’t found the perfect gift for Dad yet, visit our website to explore our wide range of Father’s Day gifts fit for a king. Not sure what he’d like? Consider giving him the gift of choice with an OK Furniture gift card, ranging from R50 to R1000.