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Monthly Archives: April 2022

  1. How To Make Sure A New Sofa Will Fit Your Space

    How To Make Sure A New Sofa Will Fit Your Space

    So, you've been browsing our stunning range of sofas and couches and now you're wondering whether you have the space for it in your lounge? When it comes to bringing a new piece of furniture into your home, it's not only the dimensions of the sofa that's important, you also need to consider where you plan to put it and areas you’ll have to navigate it through. We want to make your shopping and delivery experience as effortless as possible, so here's our expert advice on how to make sure your new couch or sofa will fit your living room perfectly.

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    Did you know that there are some real benefits to buying locally made products? At OK Furniture, we stock some of the world's finest brands, including a wide range of local brands, and most of our furniture and all our base sets are made in South Africa. When you furnish your home, it is important to consider where your purchases come from. Here are a few of the benefits of supporting South African made.

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