Find The Perfect Heater For Your Home

From quartz and gas to ceramic and fan heaters — we have a wide range of heating appliances to suit your every need this winter. With so many options to choose from, finding the right heater for your home can be challenging. So, we’ve come up with a few top tips to help you pick your perfect match.

Load-Shedding Solution
A gas heater is the solution to your wintertime load-shedding blues. Not only will you stay cosy and warm during the chilly season despite power cuts, but you’ll also save money with its lower energy consumption compared to electric heaters. We also recommend gas heaters for larger homes, as it’ll warm up your space quicker.

Quick Heating
If you’re looking for an electric heater that warms up your space just as quickly as a gas option, we suggest a ceramic heater. This option reaches its target temperature faster than other types of heaters and maintains heat for a longer time. They also cool down quickly for optimal safety.

Space-Efficient Heating
For smaller spaces, a fan-forced heater is your solution. It uses a fan to move heated air around the room, making it perfect for warming up small rooms or areas like bathrooms, passages, offices, or bedrooms. Despite its smaller size, this type of heater can create a lot of warmth and can be placed almost anywhere.

Energy-Efficient Heating
With its low carbon footprint and low energy consumption compared to other options, oil-filled heaters are a great eco-friendly choice. An oil heater automatically powers off when it reaches the desired warmth to save you even more energy. It also generates more heat for a longer period of time due to its radiating efficiency.

With these top tips, we guarantee you’ll be cosying up to your new heater in no time. Visit us in-store or online to browse our wide range of heating appliances, including other heating appliances like bar heaters and quartz heaters — perfect for smaller spaces and direct heating.