Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary and a place of retreat, that’s why it is important to create a space you enjoy being in that is an extension of your style. Since colour affects our mood and sets the tone for the rest of the room, the first thing you need to think about when styling your room is the paint colour. Check out these bedroom paint colour ideas to inspire you.

Timeless neutrals
One thing about neutrals is that they never go out of fashion, so if you want to create a classic and serene environment, choose a neutral paint colour for your bedroom. Snow white, nude, taupe and beige are just some colours you can choose from for a crisp and subtle vibe in your room that works all year round. Neutrals are also easy to accessorise, so you can change up your bedroom whenever you feel like it!

Go for green
If you enjoy the peaceful outdoors, go for green and bring the outside in. The nature-inspired colour creates a refreshing and grounding feeling. You can paint the ceiling or all your walls with tones of green like sage, mint or olive green for that botanical vibe.

Red is rad
For the vibrant personality that appreciates slightly over the top design, we recommend a red feature wall. The passionate and energising colour works well when you want to draw attention to a design element like a headboard or artwork plus red is a warm and chic colour that brightens any space.

Be bold with blue
Create a dreamy and cool space by painting your bedroom blue. A bright wash of blue will calm your mind and boost your mood, and if you have a small bedroom, a darker shade of blue can create the illusion of a bigger space.