Our Expert Guide To Fluffy Towels And Dry Laundry In Winter

When it's cold and rainy outside, it can be extremely challenging to get your laundry dry and keep your towels soft and fluffy. Luckily, there are ways to make sure you can wrap yourself up in warm fluffy towels and that your laundry is dry when you need it! Incorporating these expert tips into your laundry routine will help you to enjoy the luxury of soft, fluffy towels and optimally dried laundry every time.

Selecting the Right Tumble Dryer
A tumble dryer is a big investment, but if drying clothes faster in winter is a priority, it is a worthy investment. Selecting the right one will also ensure your towels stay soft and fluffy.

Firstly, choose a dryer that fits your household's needs and budget. The Defy DTD230 5kg Manhattan Grey Dryer or Defy DTD258 5kg White Dryer are suitable for small to medium-sized households, while the Whirlpool 3LWED4830FW 10.5kg White Dryer is ideal for larger families. A few key features to look for is sensor technology to prevent over-drying and protect the softness of your towels, adjustable heat settings so that you can use lower temperatures for delicate fabrics and reverse tumble action to prevent tangling and creasing. Energy-efficiency is also very important, so choose a dryer with a higher energy rating to save costs and the environment.

Preparing your laundry
Before drying, give your clothes and towels a good shake to help loosen any excess lint or debris. To promote even drying, separate your towels based on their size and thickness. Thicker towels may take longer to dry, so it's best to dry them separately.

Use your tumble dryer effectively
Never overload the dryer, as this can hinder proper airflow and result in uneven drying. Leave enough space for the air to circulate freely. Choosing the right heat setting is also important – for fluffy towels, a lower heat setting should be used for delicate towels and a higher heat setting for thicker towels. Using a lower heat setting and running the dryer during off-peak hours is also a more energy-efficient way of using your dryer. Lastly, dryer balls or tennis balls help to reduce wrinkles, prevent a build-up of static on clothing, enhance the softness of towels, and ensure that the washing is lint-free by the end of the drying cycle.