How To Make Sure A New Sofa Will Fit Your Space

So, you've been browsing our stunning range of sofas and couches and now you're wondering whether you have the space for it in your lounge? When it comes to bringing a new piece of furniture into your home, it's not only the dimensions of the sofa that's important, you also need to consider where you plan to put it and areas you’ll have to navigate it through. We want to make your shopping and delivery experience as effortless as possible, so here's our expert advice on how to make sure your new couch or sofa will fit your living room perfectly.

Sofa measuring guide
Pay attention to the following dimensions when choosing your sofa.

Length/Width: Measured using the widest points, usually from arm to arm.

Depth: Measured from the outside edge of the back of the seat all the way to the front of the sofa.

Diagonal depth: The distance from the highest point of the back corner of the frame to the front of the arm.

Height: This is the distance from the floor to the highest point at the top of the seat. Some sofas can have different heights at different points, so pay attention to the height at the top of the seat cushion as well as the arm height.

Consider the room size and other furniture in the room
The depth and length of your sofa is most important when comparing your space to the sofa online. Measure the sofa and mark it out on the floor with masking tape to make sure it fits your space. Look at the other furniture in your room to see if it will fit with your existing side tables and chairs too.

General spacing rules for furniture in the room is that there should be at least a 45cm space between the sofa and coffee table. To make sure people in the living room can chat without feeling crowded or like they are yelling, there should be about 10cm to 25cm of space between seating. The perfect spacing between TV and sofa is about 2 metres. Your new sofa and other furniture should all fit in the room taking these measurements into account.

Measure the space the sofa will be delivered through
It's very important to measure your door, stairwells and lifts and any other entrances that will have to be navigated to get your stylish new sofa into your living room.

Comfort is key
While style and size is important, you should also consider your own comfort. If you're tall a sofa with more depth will make sense so you can stretch out your legs, while if you're shorter a smaller sofa with less depth will be fine.

If you've done all the above and the sofa does not fit quite right, have another look at our range to find one that does suit your space perfectly. You may also need a few other pieces to update your living room, so check out more of our lounge essentials at the lowest prices guaranteed here too.