Breakfast-in-Bed: Home Essentials for an Easy Mother’s Day Setup

Planning breakfast in bed for Mom is probably the safest option for Mother’s Day! Not only can you get the whole family involved, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. To help, we’ve come up with a list of bedroom furniture and appliances for an easy setup and to set the mood for your Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

Make Her Comfortable
The most important step is to get Mom comfortable in bed with quality bedding and pillows. We suggest choosing pillows that are durable, with high-quality memory chip foam or dream fibre synthetic down inners. If Mom had a good night’s rest, she wouldn’t mind if you accidentally burned her toast! See our pillows here.

If you really want to splurge this Mother’s Day, browse our range of base sets.

Cook Her Breakfast
The next step is to make sure the meal is sorted, because what would breakfast in bed be without the breakfast? Plan the menu ahead of time and get the whole family to help cook. An air fryer will help save you time and is also easy and safe for the kids to use. Browse our range of air fryers, from a 3-litre to an 8-litre, to feed only Mom — or the whole family — on Mother’s Day!

Keep Her Warm
Mother’s Day is during autumn, the season of cold mornings and cold nights. Set up your mom’s bedroom for the morning chill with the perfect heater. OK Furniture has a wide range to choose from, including small bar heaters, large gas heaters, slender oil heaters, and more. This way, Mom will be warm and cosy while enjoying her breakfast in bed.

Make Her Room Pretty
Your surroundings can really determine your mood, so make sure you decorate her bedroom with a few pretty décor items. Try adding a few scatter cushions, throws, or candles to liven up the room. You could even add some flowers and a handmade card for a touch of charm.

Buy Her a Gift
If you’re struggling to think of what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, why not pair her breakfast in bed with a gift card so that she can choose for herself? You can put the gift card with her flowers on her pedestal or, place it on the serving tray with her breakfast.