Setting Up For A Fun Easter Weekend

Being home for the long Easter weekend doesn’t have to be a downer. Easter calls for a celebration filled with family and friends, a scrumptious feast, and entertaining activities — and all of these can happen in the comfort of your home. Keep reading for ideas on how you can set up your home for a fun Easter weekend.

A Playful Atmosphere
A celebration is not complete without music! Set the tone of your Easter weekend with a fun-filled playlist for the whole family. You can easily set up a shared playlist online and have your guests add their favourite tunes. See our range of portable speakers so that you can effortlessly move the party outdoors, indoors, or wherever the mood takes you.

Keep the Kids Entertained
Nothing beats a good old Easter egg hunt at home to tick everything off your list — family, feast, and fun! Depending on the weather, you can have your hunt indoors or in the backyard. Cordon off an area in your home or yard and move your furniture around to make the hunt safe but fun. You could even create an obstacle-course-inspired hunt to really get the kids moving.

Keep the Adults Entertained
We all know that adults need entertainment as much as kids. Get your TV ready for any sports matches happening over the Easter weekend. This way, no one has an excuse to miss out on the day and will be entertained for hours. You could even move your TV to the porch so that everyone’s entertained while still being together.

Turn it into a Sleepover
We don’t always want the fun to end and being prepared for the ultimate question of “can we sleep over?”, can save you a lot of stress. Get yourself a sleeper couch, if you haven’t already, to accommodate any extra heads over the long weekend while using it as additional seating space when guests visit during the day — a win-win situation.

Ready for Any Power Cuts
Nothing can spoil a celebration more than load-shedding. So, make sure you’re stocked up on backups to continue the fun despite any power cuts. Use lanterns and rechargeable bulbs to light up your house and outdoor area. Check out our range of load-shedding solutions here.

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