Must-have Summertime Home Essential

As we enter the summer months, we say goodbye to the season of blossoms to welcome the holiday season in all its glory! Keep reading to see our pick of summer home essentials to successfully kick-start your festive season, and turn your home into a summer hot spot.

Summer Equals Braai
You can’t think of summertime without thinking of a braai — two peas in a pot! We recommend kitting out your outdoor kitchen or braai area with the LK’s range, like the Cast Iron 18.5L Potjie Pot or the Nr.12 Bake Pot to feed the whole family during the holidays. Not only are they oil cured, but also heavy duty to meet all your needs.

Upbeat Update to Your Home
A party is not complete without music, so complement your braai with some summer beats! We suggest something portable that can be easily moved around your home — from your braai area to the garden or patio. Add our Volkano Mamba Bluetooth Speaker to your shopping cart for crystal-clear and powerful sound output while offering your guests the option of Bluetooth, USB, AUX, SD card, or FM radio to keep everyone happy.

Cool & Crisp Festive Season
We know exactly what your home entertainment area is missing — a bar fridge! And our Mora 92L White Bar Fridge is the perfect choice, with its low noise and reversible door design that is sure to fit into any interior or colour scheme. Now you and your guests can enjoy cool and crisp beverages this festive season.

Stay Fresh for Longer
When you are feeling overheated and stuffy during those long sunny days, and wish nothing more than to stay in your air-conditioned car or one of our OK Furniture stores, try one of our fans instead, like our Elegence Evaporative Air Cooler — equipped with a 3-speed and 3-direction cooler for optimal chill, day and night!

Achieve Your Summer Body
Take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather with an outdoor workout. Enjoy an early evening run, yoga in the garden, or even a quick dance session on the patio. Add our Polaroid Full Touch Active Watch to your workout, with features like a heart rate monitor, pedometer, multisport mode, and more to keep track of your fitness this summer.