Create A Budget-Friendly Study Or Office Space At Home

For many, working and/or studying from home has become the norm since the lockdown in 2020. It can be challenging to not only create the perfect space in which to be productive, but also to create this space without breaking the bank. Fortunately, we have a few picks that would fit perfectly into your study or workspace at home while fitting right into your budget.

Get a desk
Whether you’re standing or sitting, writing or typing — no workspace is complete without a desk. We suggest a versatile option that functions as storage as well, especially when space is limited. Our Colby Desk is the perfect choice with two side shelves to fit your computer components, printer, or textbooks – reducing the clutter and allowing for more desk space.

Upgrade your tech
We know that it can be quite pricey to stay current with all the technology these days. A good tip is to look out for any combo deals to get more for your buck. A good example of this would be our Connex Swiftbook Bundle, where you receive not only a laptop, but also a bag, USB numeric keypad, and wired mouse. Another tip would be to buy tech with multiple functions – freeing up space and money – like our HP Deskjet 3-in-1 Printer for print, copy, and scan.

Zone out
Not everyone has the luxury of having a quiet space in which to study or work, and especially during the holidays, your workspace can become chaotic, with family and friends in the house. To avoid distractions and help you concentrate on your tasks, get yourself a pair of earphones to cancel out the noise. See our range.

Comfort is key
When working from home during these hot summer days, you want to be prepared. Make sure that your space is well ventilated with open windows and cool air. A fan is a budget-friendly solution for days with higher temperatures – especially for small spaces. Choose from a Traditional Fan or Mist Fan at your nearest OK Furniture store to maintain your comfort at all times.

Spruce up your space
Remember, your work-from-home space is not a corporate office – you’re allowed to change the look when you get bored; it’s in your home after all. Add a beautiful rug to warm up the room and turn it into a chic workspace. We have a wide selection of rugs to choose from, ranging from hand-woven Mumbai Rugs to soft and comfortable Silkies Rugs. And just like that, you have the perfect workspace in the comfort of your home!