Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Fridge

Choosing a new fridge can be challenging when there are so many types to choose from. Well, no need to panic. To help you along the way, keep reading for everything you need to know when buying a fridge.

It’s Important to First Assess the Space Where the Fridge will Live
Imagine the admin if you buy a fridge that doesn’t fit in your kitchen. Or that the doors don’t open all the way for you to be able to slide out the drawer shelves? Before you go shopping for your new fridge, grab the measuring tape, and measure the height, width, and depth of the area where the fridge will live. Also, add a few centimetres to your measurements to ensure the fridge has enough space around it for air circulation.

Different Fridges for Different Families & Budgets
With so many new types of fridges on the market, it’s hard to know which is right for your budget and lifestyle.

  1. Single Door Refrigerators
  2. These small, affordable multi-purpose bar fridges are great for those who either live alone and don’t require a large fridge or for those looking for extra fridge space in the home bar area. They have a small freezer compartment for ice, food, and ice cream. For your convenience, they don’t take up much space and are lightweight, making them easily movable.

  3. Double Door Refrigerators
  4. Top-Freezer vs Bottom-Freezer Fridges:
    Ideal for smaller spaces, top-freezer fridges are popular and amongst your more cost-effective refrigerator options. They’re notably energy-efficient, cheaper to operate and typically have more fridge storage than bottom-freezer fridges. Bottom-freezer fridges are ideal for smaller families, with eye-level access to food in the fridge and a spacious freezer for great storage organisation.

    Side-by-Side Refrigerators:
    The new generation of side-by-side fridges are sleek by design and have gained a lot of popularity. You can easily organise your fridge and freezer with its spacious capacity – ideal for medium- and larger-sized families. Since these doors are less wide than top- or bottom-freezer fridges, they offer more flexibility in terms of placement.

  5. French Door Refrigerators
  6. The top half of a luxurious French door fridge has two doors, opening from the middle with a large sliding freezer drawer at the bottom. Items in the spacious, modern fridge section are easily accessible, and because of its smaller doors – they suit smaller spaces.

  7. Four-Door Refrigerators
  8. The latest trend in refrigerator design and technology comes in the form of a four-door fridge. For larger families, these fridges are ideal – they’re incredibly spacious, allowing you to organise your food without anything getting lost. Plus, they add an eye-catching feature to the modern-day kitchen.

Energy-Efficient Fridges Protect the Environment While Saving You Money
Large brands are making leaps to design energy-efficient fridges, reducing their environmental impact, and improving their energy consumption rates – saving you money on your monthly electricity bill. Read more about the energy efficiency label here.

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient fridge, consider the new and exciting Solar Hybrid Range from Defy. Their direct connection to Defy solar panels allows them to use solar power, switching to the electric grid during power outages and cloudy days.

Features For Your Lifestyle & Convenience
It’s becoming more common to find affordable, top-quality fridges with features like water dispensers and inverter technology. For those with a bigger budget – the new wave of innovation is exciting and cooler than ever.

  1. 6th Sense Fresh Lock
  2. Whirlpool’s new range of larger fridges includes features like the 6th Sense Fresh Lock, which detects temperature variations in the fridge and restores it to its ideal temperature – preserving your fresh food for longer.

  3. No Frost Technology
  4. Top brands have mastered frost-free technology, which is a technique that automatically adjusts temperature fluctuations and extracts humidity within the fridge to prevent any frost from building up.

  5. Digital Inverter Compressor
  6. Unlike the traditional conventional compressors, digital inverter compressors are less noisy and have precise temperature control, automatically adjusting the internal environment at high speed – ensuring even cooling throughout the fridge.

  7. Dual or ‘Twin’ Cooling
  8. Samsung’s Twin Cooling System has separate cooling evaporator systems in the fridge and the freezer with precise control for maintaining optimal conditions. To learn more, watch the video here.

  9. Odour Filter
  10. Gone are the days where the smells of food cross-contaminate the rest of the food in the fridge. Top brands have mastered the odour filter, which absorbs any odours – keeping fresh, sanitised air flowing in the fridge.

  11. Anti-Bacterial Coating
  12. To prevent bacteria from entering your fridge, most modern fridges have anti-bacterial coatings, which are applied by a special process to the surfaces.